Johannes is a series of podcasts edited by Chiara Costa that runs in parallel with Ordet’s program. It is named after Dreier’s movie central character, who goes insane studying Søren Kierkegaard and wanders around condemning the lack of faith of his times—until a miracle happens. Thanks to: Andrea Conti.
  1. Lavender Town Syndrome.

    Andrew Norman Wilson’s project for Ordet is situated in a moment when a fictional group of artists is edging out of art making and consider moving on to more productive endeavors. Wilson zooms in and out of this narrative—part speculation, part prophecy—from a specific vantage point, the Chicago modernist residential icon, Marina Towers.

  2. FIRE SALE ON EARTH. Danny McDonald’s playlist is a selection of musical footnotes to his first solo show in Italy.

    1. American Express TV commercial, 1960s
    2. How Much Is That Doggie in the Window by Freddy Fender, written by Bob Merrill. Released on Are You Ready for Freddy, ABC Dot, 1975
    3. Julie London sings the Marlboro Song, 1950s
    4. Who Will Buy by Nancy Sinatra, written by Lionel Bart. Released on Movin’ with Nancy, Reprise Records, 1967
    5. What Would I Do If I Could Feel? by Nipsey Russell. Released on The Wiz, Geffen Records, 1978
    6. Misty Mountains Cold by Maury Laws. Released on The Hobbit, Buena Vista Records, 1977
    7. One, Two, Freddy’s Coming For You by Charles Bernstein. Released on A Nightmare on Elm Street, Varese Sarabande, 1984
    8. The Phantom of the Opera, performed by Gerard Butler and Emmy Rossum, written by Andrew Lloyd Webber, Charles Hart, Richard Stilgoe, and Mike Batt. Released on The Phantom of The Opera, Sony Music, 2004
    9. They're Here by Jerry Goldsmith. Released on Star Trek: First Contact (Complete Motion Picture Score), Paramount/GNP Crescendo, 1996
    10. The Priests of the Golden Bull by Buffy Sainte-Marie. Released on Coincidence and Likely Stories, Ensign/Chrysalis/EMI, 1992
    11. Too Risky a Day for a Regatta by Stelvio Cipriani. Released on Tentacles, CAM, 1977
    12. Goodbye Chucky / Child's Play — End Credits by Joe Renzetti. Released on Child's Play, Waxwork Records, 1988
    13. The Fire Engine by Bernard Herrmann. Released on Fahrenheit 451, Tsunami, 1995
    14. Snowflakes Are Dancing (Children's Corner, No. 4) by Tomita. Released on Snowflakes Are Dancing, RCA Red Seal, 1974
    15. Corporate Cannibal by Grace Jones. Released on Hurricane, Wall of Sound, 2008

  3. HOMELAND. A brief survey on control (and rebellion) through fax machines, the very beginning of the internet, and George Orwell.

  4. JK. John Knight speaks about surf culture and Vietnam, Los Angeles, big words, and one long unrealized project.

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